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As soon as you arrive in this lively city, you are taken aback by the Alpini Bridge, designed by Palladio in wood to make it able to withstand the impetuosity of the Brenta river that crosses Bassano.


Once you arrive, stop for a moment to take in the landscapes that you can enjoy from the bridge: the coloured houses, the Grappa and Valsugana peaks, the seagulls, the local fishermen, families that go for walks along the banks of the Brenta...


Even though fascinating for its history and cultural activities, Bassano is also proud of its excellent culinary tradition: one cannot leave this city without having tasted its asparagus, salted codfish and grappa (a fun fact: go in the Palazzo delle Teste where you can visit the small museum owned by the Poli family and entirely dedicated to this distillate).


We do it often and we can assure you that walking around this city, whose historical centre is almost totally for pedestrians and therefore child-friendly, is really wonderful: its soul, enclosed between Piazza Garibaldi and Piazza della Libertà, reveals historical beauties, fascinating little stores and culinary delicacies.


One last note (even if one could go on and on about Bassano!): when you arrive in Piazza Garibaldi, don’t forget to visit the Museo Civico, one of Veneto’s oldest, which also housed works by Canova and the Da Ponte family.

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