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Get to know it in an unusual way, by visiting its beautiful Piazza dei Signori in the evening, when the sun has set: you will be captivated by the night-time beauty of the Basilica that looks out onto this square dominating the view.


Surrounding this fascinating place, the historical centre of Vicenza comes to life. Take a nice stroll, looking at the shop windows, savouring a good ice-cream or... take a break at the Caffè Garibaldi, the most prestigious coffee shop in Vicenza made even more beautiful by an original renovation.


This is how Vicenza welcomes you, with its elegant position at the northern slopes of the Berici mountains on the banks of the Bacchiglione river and with the definition for which it’s known all over the world: the city of Andrea Palladio, the architect who, in the late Renaissance, designed his best and most important architectural works here. We must mention one among all of them, the Teatro Olimpico, the only theatre made of wood built in the 1500s that still exists today. But even the more hidden treasures of Vicenza are beautiful: take a walk to Ponte San Michele and relish one of the most picturesque glimpses of the city.


Don’t miss out on the charm of Palazzo Thiene that looks out onto the small and extraordinary Contrà Porti: you will be surprised by its extraordinary façades adorned with paintings, stuccos, wooden floors and by its frescoed ceilings. Vicenza has had a new reason for being proud since 1994: as a matter of fact, the city has been enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Site including the Palladian Villas of the Veneto (since 1996).

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