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At only a few kilometres from Marostica, you can already see its Medieval walls: they welcome you to this beautiful town nestled among the foothills that run from the Astico to the Brenta.


On the rolling hills that surround it, cherry trees, vines and olive trees are still cultivated today. History tells us that the Scaliger family (or Della Scala), Lords of Verona, gave Marostica its appearance of a fortified Medieval city that we can still admire today.


It's the walls that invite you to enter into the magic that is Marostica: running along them, they will show you the threshold to the city. All you have to do is raise your eyes to see, a few metres from where you are, the chess square composed of marble in two different colours represents a huge chess board. In this square, a famous chess match with 500 walk-ons in typical Medieval costumes representing the “gamepieces” of a live chess board.


This tradition dates back to 1454 when two noblemen, Rinaldo d'Angarano and Vieri da Vallonara challenged each other to a game of chess to decide who would win Princess Lionora's hand (if you are just a bit curious, read more here.


Marostica is proud of its two castles: two fortified walls, that surround the entire historical centre, shoot off from the Castello Superiore to meet up with the Castello Inferiore. A big embrace that really seems to shield this small Veneto jewel.


A beautiful path, “the Carmini walk”, will lead you from the Castello Inferiore to Castello Superiore (if you want to take it, don’t forget your trainers!).

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