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Designed by Palladaio, frescoed by Veronese or Tiepolo and once inhabited by Venetian nobles of the Republic of Venice, the Villas of Veneto are an architectural, cultural and landscape element that are unique in the world.


They started being built around the end of the 15th century until the beginning of the Napoleonic period and are present in the entire region. Their beauty is concentrated in particular in certain areas like, for example, the territory along the Riviera del Brenta, between Venice and Treviso along the Terraglio road, on the hills of Vicenza, Padua, Treviso and Verona.


If you are ready to visit them and you don’t know which one (yes, they are many and all beautiful), click on this useful section of the website and download the map of the Villas and the brochure that explains their features.

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