What's for breakfast? Is there a pool? The answer to these questions are our amenities. We chose them thinking about those little things that could make your day better, like these.

Enjoy, it is our "good morning".

Good Morning with our breakfast. Savour the experience of our rich buffet with fresh products selected with care. Keep up your "healthy" habits or discover the goodness of a freshly-baked tart. If this is how your day starts, it will be totally Sweet.

Do you have time for a refreshing dip in the pool?

Welcome to our pool: a refreshing swim, the natural and spontaneous movement of the water that helps you relax and smile. Yes, let this space, where green meets blue, cradle you. It is an invitation to appreciate every moment without looking at your watch.

Take in the energy of the sun.

This moment is only yours, leave everything else behind. Sit on the mats, which can be found in your room, and start breathing and listening to your breathing like you would the waves. At sunrise, at sunset, during your lunch break… connect with the Universe.